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What type of wedding is best for me?

¿Qué tipo de boda es la mejor para mi?

Choose the type of wedding that best suits you

As we embark on the exciting adventure of planning our wedding , we find ourselves faced with a sea of ​​decisions that define the tone of our big day. Will we opt for the elegance and tradition of a classic wedding , or will we prefer the intimacy and simplicity of a civil ceremony ? Will we celebrate our engagement under the warm sun of a beach, or in the rustic and charming surroundings of a country estate? Will we dare to give it a unique touch with a special theme, reflecting some of our passions or favorite stories? Or perhaps we will lean towards a destination wedding, combining the celebration with the discovery of an exotic place? The decision involves not only our style and personality as a couple, but also the consideration of our loved ones.

How can we merge our preferences to create a day that not only celebrates our love, but also leaves a lasting memory for our guests?

Some of the most popular types of weddings:

  1. Traditional Wedding: This type of wedding usually follows the classic customs and rituals of the couple's culture or religion. Includes ceremonies in churches or temples, classic wedding dresses, elegant shoes , and formal receptions. In almost any type of wedding we will also have to choose whether we prefer a day or night wedding .

  2. Civil Wedding: It takes place in a town hall or in an official place and is directed by a state official. This type of wedding is simpler and less ceremonious than the traditional religious one. Footwear is equally important since the ceremony becomes more and more similar to that of a traditional wedding every day, as does the after party.

  3. Beach Wedding: Ideal for couples who love the sea and nature. It is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere, beach-inspired decor, and often a more casual dress code.

  4. Rustic Wedding: These weddings are usually celebrated in rural settings such as farms, vineyards or country estates. They stand out for their natural decoration, vintage elements and a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The shoes must be comfortable.

  5. Themed Wedding: Here, the couple chooses a specific theme that they are passionate about, such as a historical era, a movie, a book, etc., and the entire wedding is organized around this theme.

  6. Destination Wedding: Taken in a distant or exotic location, often in another country. It is a way to combine the wedding with an adventure and a unique experience for the guests. Location will be key in choosing footwear. It will also radically change our budget .

  7. Ecological or Sustainable Wedding: Focuses on sustainability and respect for the environment, using local suppliers, recyclable materials and avoiding waste. Shoes made in Spain .

  8. Intimate Wedding or Elopement: A very small celebration, often with just the couple and a few nearby guests. It is an option for couples who prefer a more personal and less ostentatious event.

  9. Multicultural Wedding: For couples from different cultures or countries, this type of wedding mixes traditions and customs from both origins, creating a unique and diverse celebration.

  10. DIY Wedding (Do It Yourself): Here, the couple and their loved ones actively participate in the creation and organization of many aspects of the wedding, from the invitations to the decorations and the food. What's better than personalized shoes.

  11. Glamorous or Luxury Wedding: These weddings are characterized by their elegance, exclusive locations, luxurious decoration, and meticulous attention to details.

Choose the type of wedding well

Each type of wedding has its charm and can be adapted to the couple's personal preferences and budget. The important thing is that it reflects your personality and your love story.

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