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Our Showroom is much more than a shoe store for brides

Nuestro Showroom es mucho más que una zapatería para novias

Discover the magic of choosing your wedding shoes in our showroom.

Imagine a place where every detail is designed to make you feel special, a space where choosing your bridal shoes becomes a moment as magical as your wedding day. That place exists, and it is our showroom in Madrid , a universe where the shopping experience is transformed into a personalized and exciting adventure.

The purchasing experience in our showroom:

  • Personalized attention: From the moment you walk through the door of our showroom, you immerse yourself in the Flordeasoka experience. Our bridal footwear specialists are here to guide you, listen to you and help you find those perfect shoes for you. They will also advise you on personalized models, so that you can see the options that best suit the perfect bridal look that you have in your head. You can trust them to show them details of your wedding, photos of your wedding dress or a piece of the fabric of your suit to see color and options.

  • Exclusivity of the showroom Let yourself be enveloped by an environment that inspires and excites. Our showroom is a refuge that seeks to convey tranquility and is decorated to reflect the elegance and sophistication that every bride seeks for her big day.

  • All our collections: Explore all our bridal shoe collections, where each pair tells a story. From classic designs to modern and ground-breaking proposals, all our shoes are characterized by their design, quality and the possibility of customization . Here, the only difficult thing will be to choose just one.
    Whether sandals or high-heeled shoes, all our collections are at your fingertips.

  • Testing and counseling: Try, walk, dance. We want you to feel comfortable, our main goal is for the shoes to be the most comfortable in your closet. Our advisors will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that your shoes not only complete your look spectacularly, but also allow you to enjoy your wedding without worries. There is a flordeasoka for every woman and every foot is different, you just have to have a little patience to try on and find your perfect shoes. Our team will help you recognize the colors that best suit your wedding dress and wedding shoes that fit the bouquet.

  • If by some chance you don't find the pair you want, as you know, we make specific orders for each bride, so you can reserve your perfect pair, but you will be convinced that it will look good on you because you can have tried on a pair of the model you want. .

Benefits of Buying in Our Showroom:

  • A unique experience: More than a purchase, what we offer is an unforgettable experience. A moment to be enjoyed, remembered and shared. We want to move away from simply being a shoe store for brides. We are a place where you imagine, project and dream.

  • Trust and security: We know that every detail counts on your big day. That's why we give you the confidence of knowing that your shoes will be perfect in every way and that they will arrive on time.

  • Quality and exclusivity: Committed to excellence, our shoes promise not only to enchant at first sight but also to last over time and become the wardrobe essentials you needed to accompany you to future events, dinners or friends' weddings.

Testimonials from Happy Brides:

" Walking to the altar with my flordeasoka was like stepping on clouds. It was the best decision of my wedding, after saying 'Yes, I do.' " - Maria G.

"From the moment I entered the showroom, I knew I would find my perfect wedding shoes. Not only because of the beauty of the options available, but because of the love and attention I received. I felt understood and special. When I tried on my pair "ideal, I couldn't help but get excited. Thank you for making me feel unique on such an important day ." - Lucia R.

" Choosing my shoes in the showroom was one of the highlights in organizing my wedding. The team's dedication to finding the style and comfort I was looking for was exceptional. Every time I look at my shoes, I remember that day with a smile "They were the perfect touch for my wedding, and I couldn't be more grateful for the personal and memorable experience they gave me. " - Sofía M.

" I never imagined that choosing my wedding shoes could be so special. In the showroom, not only did I find the pair of shoes of my dreams, but I also experienced incredible moments. The patience, advice and kindness of the team made me "I felt at home. My shoes captured the essence of my style and personality perfectly, and walking down the aisle in them was simply magical. " - Elena P.


If you are looking for bridal shoes in Madrid, we invite you to live the experience of finding your perfect heels or sandals in our showroom.

Come and discover for yourself the magic of a purchase that is much more than choosing a pair of shoes; It is to start walking towards your future full of dreams. Make an appointment and begin the journey towards the happiest day of your life.

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