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Flordeasoka is the story of a family, of how a mother and her daughters unite their sensitivity, creativity, common sense and knowledge in the creation of a versatile design aimed at all women and especially brides.

We understood the need to unite beauty and comfort, femininity and functionality,
without losing an iota of modernity.

And thus flordeasoka was born.

After many hours of design and creative process, our shoes came to life.

They are shoes designed to last over time, manufactured 100% in Spain by our artisans, who in their work combine centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge technology.

We choose quality materials, sometimes leather and other times, silk textiles, which allow us to create a unique, sophisticated and very thoughtful color palette.

We are passionate about lines and proportions.

The sum of all the small details makes each flordeasoka have its own identity.

“Femininity is 50% sweetness and 50% strength.”

The flordeasoka woman is a woman who steps strong, feels feminine, attractive and elegant, but above all she feels comfortable and self-confident.

Tita, Elena and Inés.