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Split payment on your bridal shoes

Pago fraccionado en tus zapatos de novia

Say "I do" to your dream wedding shoes with our new installment payment plan

In the search for the perfect bridal outfit, every detail counts , especially when it comes to finding those ideal bridal shoes that will take you to the altar with style, comfort and confidence. However, we know that the wedding of your dreams can come on a tight budget . This is why we are delighted to introduce our new installment payment option, designed exclusively for our modern and sophisticated brides.

Unprecedented flexibility

Love at first sight with a pair of our shoes but worried about the budget? Do not care anymore! Our innovative installment payment system allows you to purchase your perfect party shoes without having to shell out the entire cost right away. This means you can secure your dream shoes today and pay for them in easy installments, without stress or financial worries.

How does it work?

It's simple. Choose your favorite bridal shoes in our online or physical store, select the installment payment option at checkout and voilà.

Benefits of paying in installments
  • Financial flexibility : Adjust your payments according to your needs and do not compromise other aspects of your wedding planning.
  • Access to more options : Don't limit your options due to budget restrictions. With split payment, you can consider those custom shoes you've always wanted.
  • No interest or hidden charges : Our policy is to keep everything clear and without surprises. Enjoy total transparency from the first moment.
Commitment to quality and satisfaction

As always, our commitment is to offer you not only spectacular, high-quality bridal shoes but also shopping experiences that make your walk down the aisle as pleasant and stress-free as possible. This new installment payment option is our way of trying to help you plan your wedding better.

It's time to say yes!

Don't let the budget stop you from having the shoes of your dreams for the big day. Visit our online store or come see us in person to discover how our installment plans can help you make your wedding dreams come true. We're here to help you take every step of the way with confidence and style!

A step forward with responsibility

While our installment payment option opens doors to flexibility and convenience, we want to emphasize the importance of using this opportunity wisely and responsibly. We understand that planning a wedding is an exciting time full of important decisions, and it's easy to get carried away in the excitement of the moment. However, it is crucial to remember the importance of sticking to a budget and avoiding going into unnecessary debt. Our installment payment plan is designed to be a tool that allows you to manage your finances more effectively, not to exceed your means. We encourage you to carefully consider your financial capabilities before committing, ensuring that your choice not only meets your dreams but also your financial reality. Together, we can make planning your wedding a joyful and stress-free experience, building a solid and happy future from the first step.

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Pago fraccionado en tus zapatos de novia

Split payment on your bridal shoes

Say "I do" to your dream wedding shoes with our new installment payment plan In the search for the perfect bridal outfit, every detail counts , especially when it comes...


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