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How to organize your wedding in summer

Cómo organizar tu boda en verano

3 tips for organizing a summer wedding

Organizing a summer wedding can be a wonderful experience, full of color and joy. Here are three key tips to ensure your summer wedding is unforgettable:

  1. Clothing is very important : For a summer wedding, it is essential to opt for light fabrics for both the bride and groom and the guests. Consider wedding dresses made of fabrics such as chiffon, silk or cotton, which allow the skin to breathe and avoid excessive heat. For the groom, linen or cotton suits will be your best allies. And don't forget low-heeled shoes or elegant sandals for the bride, which combine comfort and style, perfect for walking on grass or sand if the wedding is outdoors.

  2. Take care of the comfort of your guests : Heat can be a determining factor in the enjoyment of your guests. Make sure you have shaded areas, fans or air conditioning if it is indoors, and offer refreshing drinks constantly. You can include flavored water stations, personalized fans, or even elegant umbrellas in your decor if the ceremony is in direct sun.

  3. Optimize the time and place : Plan the ceremony for a time when the sun is not as intense , such as late afternoon. Not only will this provide softer light for your photos, but it will also be more pleasant for you and your guests. If possible, choose a location that offers both open and closed spaces, so that you can enjoy the summer outdoors but also have shelter in case of extreme heat or unexpected rain.

These tips will help you create a comfortable, elegant and memorable summer wedding experience, ensuring that you and your guests make the most of your big day.

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