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What color should wedding shoes be?

De qué color deben ser los zapatos de novia

What color should the bride's shoes be?

When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail counts, and the bride's shoes are no exception! Choosing the perfect color for your wedding shoes can be as exciting as finding the dress of your dreams. But have you ever wondered what color they should be? Join us on this chromatic journey to discover it!

Beige and whites: Softness and warmth

Shoes in light and white tones are back in trend. They are perfect for brides who opt for outfits full of detail, with a lot of character and who do not want the shoe to take center stage from their dress. For brides who choose ivory or champagne fabrics, matching shoes can be the key to a flawless ensemble. Additionally, beige or off-white add a touch of warmth and softness, ideal for weddings with a warmer color palette.

At flordeasoka we are fans of white or light-toned shoes and this season we have several proposals such as our TILDA IVORY , SUZANNE TALCO or LOU TALCO .

white pumps for bride

comfortable white sandals for events

Metallic Touches: Shining with its own light

Do you want to add a chic and modern touch to your bridal look? Shoes in metallic tones such as gold, silver or bronze can be the perfect choice. Ideal for brides who want to stand out and add a modern and glamorous touch to their bridal look. These types of shoes are very versatile, because they allow you to use them again and again at events, parties or as a guest at any other wedding.

In our flordeasoka collection we have several options that may catch your attention. In fact we have an article in our editorial dedicated to this type of shoes.

In full color: Express your personality

Who said bridal shoes have to be light colors! More and more brides are choosing shoes in vibrant colors such as deep blue, pink, fuchsia or burgundy. It's a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your big day, as well as being an excellent opportunity to play with your wedding's color palette or add that "something blue" to your look that every bride must achieve.

Flordeasoka has a wide variety of colors in its sandal collection, and we also have the option to customize our models with almost all the colors in the catalog. Among our favorites are the DAHL DALIA , which you will love for its shades, the CÓSIMA MARINO , which will convey all that elegance to your bridal look or the HILARIA ACQUA , which will convey that calm and serenity necessary on your big day.

Black: Elegance and sophistication

Although less common, black is an elegant and sophisticated option for brides looking to contrast. Perfect for modern-style or more urban-themed weddings, black shoes are guaranteed to make a bold style statement. In our collection we have the TIRSA AZABACHE , which is a shoe that will really catch everyone's attention.

The best thing about black heels is that they will be perfectly reusable for other occasions. An elegant dinner, an event, as a guest at a wedding... and a thousand other occasions!

What color are your perfect wedding shoes?

Choosing the color of your bridal shoes should reflect your personality, style and, of course, complement your wedding dress . The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy. After all, you will be the one walking into a new adventure with them!

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