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What happens if it rains on my wedding day? 6 tips

¿Qué pasa si llueve el día de mi boda? 6 consejos

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

If the weather forecast threatens rain for your big day, there's no reason to get discouraged! Here we leave you six unmissable tips to turn a rainy day into a unique and super special day:

  1. Plan B always ready : If your wedding is outdoors, make sure you have a plan B. This can be a closed room, a tent or any covered and protected space. Make sure the venue is set up and decorated however you like, just in case. Don't let the rain surprise you!
    It sounds pretty obvious , but it's important that you always have a plan B. Even in Cádiz it rains from time to time, we can't take it for granted that it won't. It is true that there are times of the year when it is very unlikely that this will happen , but if you get married in the north, in the mountains or in the mountains, the chances increase.
    That is why it is very important to always have a Plan B ready.

  2. Chic rain accessories : Umbrellas and rain boots for guests can become your best friends and photogenic accessories. Choose transparent umbrellas or umbrellas in colors that complement your wedding palette. While it is true that gray days are not as photogenic, the reflections given by the rain can give that special touch to the day. And if you have also been foresight and have matching accessories and complement it well, you can have something very special and fun.

    • Transparent umbrellas: They are elegant and practical. They allow light to filter through them, which guarantees bright and cheerful photos, and they integrate very well with any type of wedding.

    • Wellies: Showing off your shoes is important, but for certain trips it can be very cool to have pretty wellies that allow you to move around without getting dirty and be able to show off your wedding shoes afterwards. This can give you a fun spot as well as allowing you to stay comfortable and dry.

    • Fashionable water capes: There are transparent or designed water capes that can complement the bride's dress and the guests' outfits. It can also be funny to give water capes to all the guests.

    • Blankets: For those cool moments, especially at outdoor weddings, having stylish shawls or blankets on hand for the bride and guests is a great idea. They can be part of the decoration and useful at the same time.

    • Umbrellas for decoration: In addition to functional umbrellas, parasols can be a good decorative accessory for your wedding. They can serve as part of the setting or even as photographic props.

  3. Cozy lighting : Rain can darken the environment, so make sure you have good lighting. String lights, candles (safe and secure, of course), and lamps can create a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a rainy day. The bokeh effect is a delight and will surely give a very special touch to your wedding. Also think that the reflections of the rainy day will improve and make your wedding photographs very special.

  4. Be careful with your hair and makeup : Make sure your makeup is waterproof and talk to your stylist about a hairstyle that resists humidity. Don't let the rain ruin your look!
    Here it is best to do your research and be faithful to your style. If you expect it to rain, it is not a bad idea to think about simpler types of makeup that can withstand a downpour.

  5. Indoor entertainment : This is a given. Have some entertainment options within the venue, such as a band or a good DJ, board games, or a photo booth, so your guests can have a great time while staying dry. We already see this at many weddings, but who knows, bingo can save you.

  6. Positive attitude : The most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude and remember that despite the bad weather, the most important thing is that you are getting married. Rain can be seen as a symbol of good luck. So being open to it will allow us to improve our mood in the face of these types of events that are sometimes inopportune.

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