Why are they so special?

Because our RYME are made by hand one by one, taking care of every detail and exclusively by order. 

Its elaborate process has made it possible for them to ... always be perfect on your feet!

How long does it take them to arrive?

As the process is handcrafted, it takes 5 weeks from order to receipt.

Can I choose a different color than the ones you propose?

Of course! To do this, you must write an email to shoes@flordeasoka.com attaching a photo with the color you would like. We will do our best to offer it to you. 

How much does a custom color cost outside of those proposed on the web?

Its price is € 298.00

Can I change the heel height?

Sure! It is one of the advantages that your process is so personalized. You can choose one of the three heel options we offer: 5.5 cm, 7.5 cm, 8.5 cm, 9.5. cm or 11.5 cm with 2 cm platform *

If they don't fit, can I return them?

Yes. As long as your choice is one of the colors proposed by flordeasoka. We do not accept return of custom colors.